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Nowadays sets and show decorations often feature moving elements. In the positioning of these loads (which often weigh tons!), the highest degree of precision and absolute safety are called for. It is in just such situations that the VarioTrolley from ChainMaster comes into its own.


The VarioTrolley had its baptism of fire in 2001 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, when 24 of the trolleys combined with a ChainMaster BGV C1 chain-hoist and a ChainMaster as failsafe controller in a display of kinetic virtuosity witnessed by tens of millions across the continent. The system was used to manoeuvre eight semi-circular truss structures horizontally and vertically over the stage and formed the centrepiece of the set design. And the result? ChainMaster: 12 points!




Basic Features

  • Capacity 1000 kg  - 12000 kg
  • Variable speed 0-40 m/min
  • 4-fold friction Wheel Drive
  • Adjustable flange width
  • Single Bolt Suspension
  • Control Box with BUS-interface Module, Frequency Inverter, Emergency stop Contactor
  • Absolute Encoder 24 Bit
  • Input for Load Cell






(All data is approximate; we cannot accept any liability for errors and omissions, and we reserve the right to make changes.)




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