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Flexible, Durable, Long Lasting LED Correction Lighting Filter.

SupaLife Long Lasting LED Correction Filter’s are flexible and easy-to-use, they can be cut to size to fit most LED fixtures. Unlike Regular Correction lighting filters available, SupaLife achieves maximum lifespan compared to regular filters. This is achieved by using infused complex colorants to reduce fading. This Premium Correction range are more than double the thickness of regular lighting filters (180 microns).





SupaLife – Minus Green

  • LED Minus Green – 10cc
  • LED Minus Green – 5cc
  • LED Minus Green – 3cc
  • LED Minus Green – 2cc
  • LED Minus Green – 1cc

SupaLife – LED CTO

  • LED CTO K shift – 2500
  • LED CTO K shift – 1600
  • LED CTO K shift – 1000
  • LED CTO K shift – 800




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