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Vario Lift


Since it was first introduced in 1998 at the PLASA show in London after an eighteen-month development and testing phase, the ChainMaster VarioLift—at the time, the first device of its kind anywhere in the world—has proved a global success. The VarioLift product series offers maximum precision at speeds of up to 42m/min and the highest degree of reproducibility of programmable motion sequences for complex stage runs in connection with our EN/IEC 61508 SIL3-certified XYZ control system. State-of-the-art closed-loop frequency converter technology, high-resolution position sensors and secure load assessment make the ChainMaster VarioLift a high-performance hoist. Programmable start and stop ramps, full torque when motionless for several minutes, change of direction with- out pausing, and software-programmable emergency and operation limit switches are just a few examples of the pioneering innovations that have shaped the market. For elaborate and complex installation or setting-up applications, we also offer a range of models with different load capacities and speeds complying with BGV D8, D8plus and BGV C1 to ensure reliable operation in such cases also, including use as a heavy-load hoist.




Basic Features

  • Capacity acc. BGV C1

    125 kg - 6000 kg

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Speed up to 42 m/min
  • Free progammable

    Start/Stop Ramps

  • EN 818-7 Load Chain
  • Low Noise Operation
  • 5-Pocket Chain Wheel
  • 2 Independent DC Brakes
  • 2 Absolute Encoders 24Bit
  • Integrated Load Cell
  • Real Closed-Loop Operation with min. IGR-8192 ppr.
  • Precise Chain Guide
  • Textil Chain Bag
  • Removeable Control Box
  • BGV D8 / D8Plus Models

    on Request

  • Control Cabinets on Request
  • Integrable into Stage Control Systems


Vario Lift Electric Chain Hoists

Chain with 1 fall BGV C1, BGV D8 on request
Capacity Speed Falls Load chain in mm 


Weight w.o. chain Data/Sheets
200 kg 35 m/min 1 7 x 22 mm 54 kg on request
250 kg 24 m/min 1 7 x 22 mm 58 kg on request
500 kg 10 m/min 1 7 x 22 mm 58 kg on request
500 kg 19 m/min 1 9 x 27 mm 62 kg on request
800 kg 12 m/min 1 9 x 27 mm 62 kg on request
1000 kg 5 m/min 1 9 x 27 mm 62 kg on request
1250 kg 10 m/min 1 11 x 31 mm 80 kg on request


(All data is approximate; we cannot accept any liability for errors and omissions, and we reserve the right to make changes.)



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