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Chrosziel Studio Rig Cine Follow Focus kontroll
HD Follow Fokus med växellåda med stor utväxling (för film objektiv med stor slaglängd) för montring på 15mm rods, ett handhjul med inbyggd fluid mekanism fokuspind och skala.
Möjlighet för att montera ett andra handhjul på andra sidan (ingår ej, artikel 201-02). S.k. piska kan oxå användas
Pris exkl.16600
Chrosziel DV Studio Follow Focus kontroll för montring på 15mm
Handhjul med inbyggd fluid mekanism och skala.
Beställ kugghjul separat.
Pris exkl.6250
Chrosziel DV Studio Rig Plus Follow Focus kontroll
För montring på 15mm rods och med m reverserande utväxlingsenhet. Handhjul med inbyggd fluid mekanism och skala. Varilock & 2st hardstops
Beställ kugghjul separat.
Pris exkl.13080
Cambo Follow Focus för 15mm rod
MFC-2 är en Follow Fokus som enbart sitter på en rods vilket gör den väldig flexibel och enkel att montera och snabbt skall byta optik. Kompatibel med alla 15mm rods system och levereras komplett med kugghjul (mod 0.8 - 45 tänder) och justerbar kuggrem. 2 st justerbara ändstopp som enkelt kan kopplas in/ut.
  Möjligt att montera drevet på två olika positioner - och i ett otal olika vinklar.
•  Endast en låsskruv som sitter 100% fast
  Vändbar fokus riktning
  Magnetisk utbytbar markerings ring
  2 st. justerbara ändstopp.
Pris exkl.8436
SHAPE Follow Focus för 15mm rods med snabbfäste
Friktions follow fokus för 15mm rods. Det monteras och de-monteras på rodsen med SHAPE's patenterade quickfäste. Enkelt uttryckt: placera den direkt på rodsen, tryck till och den är monterad. Det kunde inte vara enklare! Levereras med både friktionshjul för t.ex. stillbildsobjektiv och 0.8 kugghjul för filmobjektiv.

The FOLLOW FOCUS FRICTION CLIC provides precise focusing, quick adjustments and great durability.

Thanks to our first patented leaver clamp system, adjusting the horizontal position of the focus mechanism is a breeze:

  1. Unlock the lever.
  2. Adjust the horizontal position of the focus mechanism to fit the diameter of the lens.
  3. Lock the lever.

Once the lever is locked, the focus mechanism stays firmly in place. The focus mechanism can be used on the left side or the right side of the lens. The focus disk, the disk leaning on the lens, can be positioned at the front or at the rear of the focus mechanism.

The focus disk is surrounded by a ring of high quality rubber. This ring provides a firm contact with the lens and ensures accurate and slip free focusing.

The white mark disk is made of highly resistant Delrin thermoplastic. It is interchangeable and you can write on it using non-permanent markers.

The FOLLOW FOCUS FRICTION CLIC is designed for standard 15mm rods. It can be instantly attached/detached to/from the rods using our second patented lever clamp system. Simply put it directly on top of the rods and lock the lever. It couldn’t be simpler!

The FOLLOW FOCUS FRICTION CLIC is compatible with all our camera supports equipped with 15mm rods. It is CNC machined and made of lightweight anodized aluminum for strength and durability.

Pris exkl.4440
iKan Remote Live 2 PD movie 1 kanal follow focus kontroll (trådbunden)

Enkel 1-kanal trådbunden remote follow focus system med kontroll som t.ex. monteras på en panarm eller gimbal och en motor som monteras på rods under objektivet. Finns även i en 2 kanals version.




The PDL-F Remote Live 2 Compact Follow Focus Control harnesses the power and precision of PD Movie's popular follow focus systems in a compact control set perfect for both camera stabilizing and traditional camera setups. The PDL-F attaches easily to most rigs. Simply install the precision motor onto either a 15 or 19mm rod and firmly lock its drive gear into the gearing of your lens; its 0.8 pitch gear is compatible with most common cinema lenses. Then, attach the lens control module to your mounting point of choice (less than 1" in diameter), and provide power using the D-tap to lemo adapter. After installing, simply push the control set's button to start and calibrate the unit. Once you do that, your follow focus is ready to use. With full tactile operation, the PDL-F reacts according to how you maneuver the control and not to a preset speed or programmed reaction. Its compact size is a welcome inclusion to your camera rig even those requiring lighter payloads.



  Channels: 6 Assignable Channels
  Controllable Channels: 1
  Torque max: .0.5Nm
  Gear Pitch: 0.8 (40 teeth)
  Noise: < 28 db
  Torque: 0.5 Nm Max
  Motor: German imported, high-precision brushless motor
  Cable Length: 39" (teether) 27" (D-Tap)
  Connection: 6-pin Lemo (Power and Tether)
  Input Voltage: 6-pin 9-18V
  Mount: 15-19mm Rods

1x 19mm X 15mm Bushing

1x D-Tap To Lemo Power Cable

1x Lemo To Lemo Cable

1x PD-TC-F Thumb Control

1x PD3-M Motor


Shipping Dimensions: 20.32 x 20.32 x 10.16 cm
Shipping Weight:        0.68 kg
Pris exkl.11350
iKan Remote PD movie 1 kanal zoom/follow focus kontroll (trådbunden)
Enkel trådbunden (1 kanal) remote system med kontroll som t.ex. monteras på en panarm/rods och en motor som monteras på rods under objektivet. Kan användas för att kontrollera zoom, fokus eller iris. 
The PD Movie Remote Live (PDL) is a self-contained multi-control handgrip and motor system for lens control on both cinema and EF camera lenses that camera operators will love. The mechanical range of your lens is calibrated using an easy one-push function to store lens parame.ters, i.e., focus, iris and zoom. A secondary A-to-B stop can be set for operating within a chosen range of parameters. The hardwired motor drive cable provides little to no rotational latency. Two control modes change motor speed for slow-ramped focus action or a faster speed for larger rack focus. The PDL comes with a 0.8 gear motor drive. The clamp is equipped with multiple rosettes for a variety of mounting options, e.g., left/right hand control, shoulder, jib, and gimbal. The PDL kit includes integrated 10-hour battery power, 24" motor control cable, standard torque motor with both 19 mm and 15 mm rod mount options, and a laser-cut soft case for safe transport.

1 X 15/19mm Adapter Ring
1 X Adjustable Pan Handle Clamp
1 X Charger
1 X Motor (EF)
1 X Motor Drive Cable
1 X Multi-control Handgrip
1 X Soft Sided Case With Laser Cut Foam Inserts
Pris exkl.11195

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