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Hungaroflash CapStrobe DMX styrd blixt 35Wsec IP65
Finns i 7-färger samt spot.
DMX 2kretsar/armatur


  • IP65 polycarbonate housing.UV resistant
  • High and adjustable flasher - Maximum 35 Wsec DMX controlled - 1ch/ fixture
  • Automatic DMX addressing
  • Opto isolated input
  • Buffered DMX output

Cap Strobe cable: DMX+POWER can run up maximum 60-512 fixtures in one powerline depend of controlling

Avaiable in 7 colors: Waterclear Red Yellow Orange Green Turquise Blue

Avaiable in spot version in rectangular shape

Normal mains voltage: 230-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating mains voltage: 200-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumpion: Max 0,4 A


Hungaroflash Euro-DMX DMX styrd blixt 5000W

Max. power: 5000 W

Flash rate: 0-20 Hz

Intensity: 0-100 %

Control signals: DMX

3-Phase system capability

Protected inputs


NORMAL "1500" strobe with a plus

Although it was one of Hungoroflash's first products, the 2500 strobe is still widely in use today. That's partly because Hungoroflash strobes offer something that no other rival product does: a unique output power compared to that of an ordinary 1500 strobe. It is not only powerful, it is also easy to replace.


How the EURODMX differs from original TURBO Strobe? Hungoroflash has taken highly successful TURBO Strobe and made it even better by reducing its size, eliminating the barn doors and making it a DMX-only product.


Considerable durability

The circuits were designed with extra durability in mind. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to damage them under normal conditions. Past experience indicates that the average lifetime of Hungoroflash's products is more than 6 years. Hungoroflash even developed a new holder system to eliminate shipping damage to these high-performance tubes. The 3 indicator LED helps your work.


Hungaroflash Quasar PRO DMX styrd blixt 15kW
  • 450 000 lumen!  
  • EXTRA high flash output!
  • CONTINUOUS lighting performance (100Hz)
  • DMX 512 system (double)
  • Automatically controlled electronic safety feature
  • Auto voltage sensing
  • Thermal shut-down feature
  • Highly accurate flashing system
  • Three phase system capability
  • Master-slave capability
  • Small sizes
  • RACK 19" mounting capability
  • SELF-Test functions, LED indicator 


What a difference!

Quasar is such a versatile product that just trying to imagine all that you can do with it would be a difficult task. To put it in a nutshell, this strobe can be used virtually anywhere that flash or constant light is required, from low-output applications to lightning effect. It is suitable for disco, theatre, stage, and rental company applications. And it can be controlled in four modes: DMX and SELF. All this is offered at a highly competitive price.


High-Intensity Flash Tube




To achieve ultra-high intensity, HungaroFlash had to design a revolutionary tube. But the years of effort and development have resulted in a product that offers a tremendous increase in output power. For comparison purposes, HungaroFlash's surveys indicate that a normal XOP15-compatible tube would last only seconds or possibly up to two minutes if used in a Quasar®. HungaroFlash have even developed a new holder system to eliminate shipping damage to these high-performance tubes.


Two Types of Quasar

Although both are fairly compact in size, HungaroFlash's products are available in two versions: NORMAL and FLAT. The FLAT version is most recommended for those who want to minimize overall output light intensity. The FLAT Quasar will also be the basis of the Quasar® SILENT version for theatres that HungaroFlash are currently developing.


Unprecedented Versatility

In terms of controllability, HungaroFlash's  product is the most versatile equipment available today. When using an analogue controller, each unit occupies two analogue channels. The analogue inputs are protected against any interference; therefore no special cables are needed. When applying DMX control, each unit requires two DMX channels in accordance with the two different DMX protocols. This input is also interference-proof. A DIP-switch enables the continuous and the TURBO modes to be turned on and off at any time in case of power shortage. The unit is able to convert input DMX signals into analogue/impulse signals, thus operating as a kind of a signal converter allowing a QUASAR unit to control other TURBO strobes.


Hungaroflash T-LIGHT PRO blixt 85kW
Ideal for lightning simulation for cine industries, large concert, techno events.

The main power is need to be 63A/230V or phase to phase plus ground in US.

Weight: 20kg



To control this unit is easy for anybody. You can use the preprogrammed lightning or you can create them in T-LIGHT controller. We recorded so many waves of Thunder-lights. Small collections are in the controller. T-LIGHT is fully rain PROOF fixtures with stainless steel body. The flash length is additionally from 1/24 sec to 3 Sec.



T-LIGHT is quite small to fit a big hardshell case container. Every unit has a second flashtube, which made by latest technology in lamp manufacture. The lamp is low pressure non-explosive XENON. The T-LIGHT unit is only 44 lbs. (20 kg)



You can concentrate the beam in a SPOT angle or make it wider smoothly. The barn doors and color filters are possible to use it. Just tell the sizes to your local distributor, if you need.



The unit has internal mabnetic and thermal circuit breaker and residual current operated circuit breaker (FI-RELAY).



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