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Folding Dolly HOFFORK för 350 MLT², L=2400mm

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  • Suitable for HOFFork MLT²-Truss L 2400 mm
  • Easy to stack thanks to articulated joints (up to 10 dollies)
  • With circumference frame to keep it from falling over
  • Weight: 26,5 kg

The MLT² contains a lot of benefits when it comes to fast and easy set up and dismantling.The new features of the MLT² are the following:


Rotable Forks

- Rotable fork connectors made from steel can be screwed out up to 70mm to realize horizontal or vertical circles in different diameters

- Replaceable when needed


Folding Dolly

- Foldable and stackable

- Easy handling - only one person is needed to connect the truss to the dolly

- Thanks to the hinges in the adjustable legs space-saving and easy to stack (up to 10 pcs without truss)

Adjustable Legs

- Telescopic legs to connect the truss secure and fast to the dolly

- When removing the upper locking pin the legs of the dolly will become telescopic


Softshock Wheels by Blickle (Germany)

- Shock absorbing and excellent roll characteristics

- Ideal for both heavy and top heavy loads up to 380Kg


Fully compatible with the previous HOFFork 350MLT

- Trusses and dollies from both series can be combined without any problem

- Extended accessory range for the complete HOFFork 350MLT² series


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