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iKan Remote Live 2 PD movie 2 kanal zoom/fokus kontroll (trådbunden)

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Enkel 2-kanal trådbunden remote zoom & follow focus system med kontroll som t.ex. monteras på en panarm eller gimbal och två motorer som monteras på rods under objektivet. Finns även i en 1 kanals version.




Harnessing the power and precision of PD Movie's popular lens control systems, the PDL-FZ Remote Live 2 Compact Focus and Zoom Control Kit is perfect for traditional and stabilizing camera setups. The PDL-FZ easily attaches to almost any rig: Simply install the two precision motors onto a 15 or 19mm rod and firmly lock their drive gears into the gearing of your lens; their 0.8 pitch gears are compatible with most common cinema lenses. Then, attach the lens control module to your mounting point of choice (less than 1" in diameter), and provide power using the D-tap to lemo adapter. After installing the hardware, easily assign the motors and the control to one of six individual channels (two of the six are set for the focus and zoom respectively) by simply tapping each unit's single button. Quickly set calibrations with a tap of the controller’s two individual push buttons. To adjust additional settings and alter the speed of each channel's control, use the same button that was used for calibration. In a few minutes, your follow focus will be ready to use. You now have precise control of the zoom and focus at your fingertips. Due to its compact size, the PDL-FZ is a welcome inclusion to almost any camera rig, even those requiring lighter payloads.


  Channels: 6 Assignable Channels


  Controllable Channels: 2


  Torque max: .0.5Nm


  Gear Pitch: 0.8 (40 teeth)


  Noise: < 28 db


  Torque: 0.5 Nm Max


  Gear Pitch: 0.8 (40 Teeth)


  Motor: German imported, high-precision brushless motor


  Cable Length: 39", 19" (Tether) 27" (D-Tap)


  Connection: 6-pin Lemo (Power and Tether)


  Input Voltage: 6-pin 9-18V


  Mount: 15-19mm Rods



1x Control To Motor Cable

1x D-TAP To Lemo Power Cable

1x Dual Channel Thumb Control

1x Lemo Lemo Cable

2x 19 To 15mm Bushings

2x PD3-M Motors




Shipping Dimensions: 20.32 x 20.32 x 10.16 cm
Shipping Weight:        1.13 kg
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