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iKan Remote PD movie 1 kanal zoom/follow focus kontroll (trådbunden)

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Vad vill du veta om iKan Remote PD movie 1 kanal zoom/follow focus kontroll (trådbunden)?



Enkel trådbunden (1 kanal) remote system med kontroll som t.ex. monteras på en panarm/rods och en motor som monteras på rods under objektivet. Kan användas för att kontrollera zoom, fokus eller iris. 
The PD Movie Remote Live (PDL) is a self-contained multi-control handgrip and motor system for lens control on both cinema and EF camera lenses that camera operators will love. The mechanical range of your lens is calibrated using an easy one-push function to store lens parame.ters, i.e., focus, iris and zoom. A secondary A-to-B stop can be set for operating within a chosen range of parameters. The hardwired motor drive cable provides little to no rotational latency. Two control modes change motor speed for slow-ramped focus action or a faster speed for larger rack focus. The PDL comes with a 0.8 gear motor drive. The clamp is equipped with multiple rosettes for a variety of mounting options, e.g., left/right hand control, shoulder, jib, and gimbal. The PDL kit includes integrated 10-hour battery power, 24" motor control cable, standard torque motor with both 19 mm and 15 mm rod mount options, and a laser-cut soft case for safe transport.

1 X 15/19mm Adapter Ring
1 X Adjustable Pan Handle Clamp
1 X Charger
1 X Motor (EF)
1 X Motor Drive Cable
1 X Multi-control Handgrip
1 X Soft Sided Case With Laser Cut Foam Inserts
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