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CyanView 4x3G/1x4K Video Processor w color correction

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Vad vill du veta om CyanView 4x3G/1x4K Video Processor w color correction?



En viktig vidareutvekling av CyanViews Gateway. Möjliggör bl.a. färgkorrigering och eller multi-matrix i realtid alla typer 3G signaler - även från kameror som inte har denna funktion inbyggd eller t.ex. länk-kameror!


To achieve good matching with the main cameras more advanced corrections are often necessary.Powered by a combination of linear processing and 3D LUTs, our video processor allows much more precise colour control such as multi-matrix, black gamma, white clip, soft knee, and detail.

The Cy-VP4 video processor supports four 3G HD (50/60) cameras or a single 4K (25/50/60) camera, together with SDI in/out and HDMI out for monitoring.  The implementation of 3D LUTs (look-up tables) enables advanced, multi-matrix colour correction. Future releases of the Cy-VP4 will see more advanced camera processing and features specifically designed for vision engineers.

Offering most of the features of a real camera, our video corrector Cy-VP4 gives you all corrections available through the RCP even on a camera with which you have no control, such as a GoPro, a camcorder or any wireless camera transmitting video only. Once the exposure is handled properly in the head, it’s always possible to have full control in post from the Cy-RCP.

This processing engine will also evolve in automatic corrections, log/HDR conversions, colour space conversions and cinema look, bridging the cinema camera world with broadcast workflows and operators.

  • SDI in/out
  • HDMI out for monitoring
  • Advanced color correction (multi-matrix) – 3D Lut
  • Synchronisation
  • Audio
  • Ember+ control
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