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Steadicam SteadiStand stativ för t.ex. Aero eller Zephyr

Pris exkl.2450
Grundpris exkl.2450
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Vad vill du veta om Steadicam SteadiStand stativ för t.ex. Aero eller Zephyr?



Kompakt type C-stand stativ som är specialanpassat till just Steadicam användning. Kommer med väska.

  • The stand comes apart into three sections for ease of storage and transport.
  • It is supplied with a sturdy padded carry bag
  • It will lie flat which reduces space requirements
  • It has a rubber handle grip on the post for ease of movement while in use
  • The sections are spring loaded and will “pop up” for instant use
  • It is much heavier than a similar stand
  • It is designed to support heavier loads than the previous stand which was required for the Flyer-LE
  • This translates to a more robust design
  • It is less expensive than other similar stands but with more features
  • It can be sold for use in other applications
  • The new stand is standard with FLYER-LE systems and optional for other
  • The picture shows the new SteadiSTAND as both assembled and disassembled components.
  • Lägsta höjd monterat: 86cm
  • Egenvikt: 5kg
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