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Noga Small Holdit arm (1/4") kit inklusive CineLock (169-CL-01)

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Spara pengar och köp kit med Noga Cine Arm med 1 eller 2 st. av den praktiska Cine Lock snabbfäste.
OBS: Även om lager visar rött kan vi sätta ihop den av delar vi som regel har på lager. Ring och fråga - we fix :-)
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Kit with Noga Small arm and 1 PCs 16:9 CineLock quick release
The NF14CA-CL1 kit with Noga Medium Cine Arm & 16x9 Cine Lock from 16x9 Inc. is a fantastic tool to mount any of "your stuff" on e.g. a camera. This tool helps saves equipment (from damage), time and effort when setting up camera rigs.

The Cine Arm simultaneously locks all three joints. Any accessory mounts using a standard 1/4" screw for the top arm and 1/4" screw for the bottom (exits with 3/8" bottom screw as well). It provides added strength and holding strength. The arm has now been reinforced with stainless details to be equally strong on both sides.
Max length 12,7 cm, min 6 cm, max weight 3,25 kg, weight 255 gr.

The Cine Lock quick-release mounting plate can be mounted on any surface with a hole, 1/4" or 3/8" thread but also works on all Noga articulating arms. Simply slide the dove-tail to the wedge and the unit locks securely in place. It mounts to all 1/4" - 20 and 3/8" threaded female threaded surfaces.
Cine Arm
Central locking knob
Kip Lever
Rugged construction
Different sizes (S, M, L), and configurations with either 1/4"-1/4" or 1/4"-3/8"
Cine Lock
Secure Mount
Rugged Construction
Allows for Fast Mounting/Removal
Mounts onto virtually all surface and arms with either holes, 1/4" and/or 3/8" threads
PS: Even if it shows we do not have it in stock, we have the individual parts to make the kits - we fix.
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