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RC4 Lumendim M4 trådlös mini dimmer CRMX

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The RC4 Series 3 LumenDimM4

is a miniature wireless DMX receiver and 4-channel DC dimmer for use with LumenRadio CRMX transmitters.  It provides full RDM support.  The device operates from 6V to 35VDC, to a maximum total load of 10A.  All features of RC4 Harmonized Design are included: high power, high resolution, modes for video and audio applications, HSL color control, built-in effects engine, and more.


RC4Magic Series 3 LumenDimM4 Specifications

Dimensions: 80mm x 40mm x 20mm

Power Input: 6VDC – 35VDC, 0.4W idle draw, ~87% regulation efficiency, screw terminal connections

Dimmer Outputs: 4 low-voltage DC dimmers, screw terminal connections, 16-bit resolution PWM (16,384 steps)

Output Power, per Dimmer: 10A non-continuous, 5A continuous

Maximum Total Power Handling: 16A (limited by rating of input screw terminals)

Multiple PWM frequencies: 77Hz (high power), 615Hz (flicker free), 5kHz (artifact free for video), 20kHz (noise free for audio)

Multiple Dimmer Curves: Non-Dim, Non-Dim Inverted, Linear, Linear Inverted, Inverse-Square-Law (ISL), ISL inverted, servo motor pulse clockwise (CW), servo motor pulse counter-clockwise (CCW).

RC4 Digital Persistence™: 8 user-selectable persistence periods emulating a range of filament lamps

Series 3 Versatility: wired and wireless DMX dimming, RC4 Flkr Effects Engine™, RC4 HSL Color Controller, RC4 HotPatch™, extensive wired and wireless RDM support.

Sensors: Input voltage, internal temperature, total current draw (sum of 4 dimmers)

DMX Input/Output: RC4 3.5mm mini, USITT DMX512/1990 data, non-standard port, connector adaptors available. RDM E1.20 and E1.37 (dimmer configuration) support.

Wireless DMX Protocol: LumenRadio CRMX

RF Antenna: RP-SMA external, omnidirectional.  Alternate antennas can be used for increased sensitivity and directionality.

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