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Decimator quadsplit/multiviewer/konverter m 4x 3G/SDI in & 4x HDMI ut

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Vad vill du veta om Decimator quadsplit/multiviewer/konverter m 4x 3G/SDI in & 4x HDMI ut?



DMON-4S är en kompakt quadsplit & konverter med 4 st 3G/SDI input och 4 st HDMI (mini typ C) output, samt valbar SDI loop på ingång 1 och/eller 3.
Ny generation konverter från Decimator Design med knappar och LCD display för konfigurering på plats.

Kan även flippa bilden horisontalt (upp-och-ner) & vertikalt (spegelvänt).

Konfigureras via inbyggd meny-system, men kan med fördel även styras från en dator (PC/MAC) med gratis programvara - se ovanstående länk.

The DMON-4S is the latest converter to come from Decimator Design. Launched at NAB 2013, it's a Broadcast Engineering PICK HIT 2013 Winner.

The DMON-4S is a truly portable converter, that incorporates Decimator Design's new easy to use LCD and button control system. This gives easy access to all of the amazing features without using complicated LED/button control, dip switches or having to carry around a computer to change a simple setting.

A Quad (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI multiviewer and converter, the preliminary specification features


NEW: Support for both 3G level A and B on the inputs.

NEW: Horizontal and/or Vertical image flipping per window


•  Includes 4 independent mini HDMI outputs that can each output any

    of the four (3G/HD/SD)-SDI inputs or a Multi-View of all them.

    For example you could use the unit to have:

      - 4 independent SDI to HDMI converters

      - 3 independent SDI to HDMI converters with a quad-split output

      - 2 independent SDI to 2 x HDMI converters with loop through

      - A single SDI or Multi-View to 4 x HDMI outputs


•  Inputs 2 and 4 can be individually changed to output active loop

    copies of inputs 1 and 2 respectively.


•  (NEW) Multi-View mode offers:


   - Custom Layouts with various standard layouts

   - Load and restore Custom Layouts

   - Fast switching between inputs using Full-Screen scaling

   - Selection of audio from any input

   - 16 Character UMD overlay per window with individual enables,

      custom positioning and size

   - Low latency buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous


   - Each window is independent of the others, allowing any

      3G/HD/SD format of any frame rate to be displayed


   - Variable aspect ratios per window


•  The DMON-4S is a truly portable converter, that incorporates our new

    easy to use LCD and button control system.


•  This unit also includes:

      - USB port for control and firmware updates

      - Heavy duty metal box

      - Metal Thread Locking DC Power Socket

      - Power Supply, HDMI Cable and USB Cable

Warranty for all Decimator Design products is 3 years.

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