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Visual TimeCore Tidkodsgenerator "Verktygslåda för tidkod"

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Visual Productions TimeCore - En verktygslåda som utför alla uppgifter i samband med tidskod. Den kan generera, följa, konvertera, trigga och analysera tidskodssignaler. Kontakta oss för mer information.


  • Timecode master, slave & converter
  • Timecode display
  • 2 user-definable push-buttons
  • MTC MIDI timecode
  • Art-Net timecode
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • OSC
  • Art-Net
  • sACN
  • MIDI notes, MMC, MSC
  • Show Control function (connect any input to any output)
  • Desktop or DIN Rail mounted
  • PoE Class I



Generating and following timecode

The TimeCore can be set to be a timecode master, in which it will generate a stable timecode signal. Alternatively, the unit can also be set as a timecode slave. A large LED display gives a real-time readout on the current timecode frame.


Converting timecode

The unit supports receiving and transmitting SMPTE (LTC), MTC and a Ethernet-based timecode (Art-Net). The TimeCore is capable of converting between any of these protocols. It can even convert between different frame-rates (24, 25, 29.97, 30).


Ethernet capable

The TimeCore has an Ethernet port that allows you to access the internal web-server. This web-server enables you to fully configure the behaviour of the device.


Show Control protocols

Various protocols that are often found in show control are supported; for instance UDP, TCP, OSC and MIDI. Any messages received from these protocols can be used to start, stop or manipulate the timecode. Furthermore, sending out these protocols can be mapped on the timeline.


Lighting protocols

The TimeCore speaks lighting languages like Art-Net and sACN. The unit can directly interact with your lighting desk.



The functionality of the TimeCore can be extended by combining it with other members of the core product family. The IoCore can add GPI, 0-10V, GPO and RS-232 ports to the TimeCore. The CueCore extend with DMX-512 and recorded lighting shows. The B-Station can act as a remote control.

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