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Timecode Systems UltraSyncBlue sändare och mottagare

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Grundpris exkl.1825
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Sänder tidskod & metadata trådlöst via Bluetooth® till uppkopplade enheter!
Timecode Systems första tidskod synkroniseringsprodukt som använder Bluetooth® för att ansluta och synkronisera inspelningsenheter. Inga kablar eller montering, vilket ger mer frihet t.ex. att filma från kreativa vinklar med mindre och mobila kameror. Den kan även synkronisera iPhones eller iPads och även skicka tidskod till samma - som därmed kan fungera som en klappa. Läs mera här
Endast 55x44x17mm liten och väger 36gram!

Unleash your creativity.

UltraSync BLUE is simple, low-cost, and has the potential to synchronise any camera or sound recording device with Bluetooth® connectivity. There are no cables and no mounting issues, giving you more freedom to shoot from creative angles with smaller, more mobile cameras. It can even sync iPhones.
UltraSync BLUE is our first product to synchronise over Bluetooth®. Once connected, timecode is transmitted wirelessly from the UltraSync BLUE directly into the media file of connected devices. By removing the restrictions of a wired connection, crews not only benefit from extra convenience, but also get even more versatility to choose how they sync. Use a single UltraSync BLUE unit to sync up to four recording devices shooting in close range over Bluetooth®. Or alternatively, connect the UltraSync BLUE to a Timecode Systems RF network and sync to other camera and audio recorders using Timecode Systems units on the same channel.  

  • A patented, timing protocol delivers unparalleled accuracy for the exchange of timecode over Bluetooth®.
  • After first set-up, UltraSync BLUE automatically recognises your device.
  • Use one UltraSync BLUE to feed frame-accurate timecode to up to four devices filming in close range (up to 10m) over Bluetooth®.
  • Or, use long-range RF to sync multiple UltraSync BLUEs, or to sync to other Timecode Systems products.
  • Timecode is embedded into the media file and automatically recognised by professional NLEs.

Read more in the manual under the tab "Länkar"

55mm x 44mm x 17mm 
20+ hours battery life
Communication between units over BLINK RF BLINK Hub Monitor & control from the BLINK Hub app
BLUE range:
For same room usage (up to 10m). Sync up to 4 devices filming in close range over Bluetooth®
RF range:
approximately 200m
For firmware updates and external power
128 x 32 pixels OLED display
23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 30.0D, 30.00, 29.97D, 29.97
865.050MHz to 923.200MHz

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