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Visual B-Station 6-knappars panel med integrerad ljuskontroller

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Väggmonterad knappanel med 6 fysiska tryckknappar. Dessa kan fjärrkontrollera/trigga vald funktion på alla Core produkter. Knapparna är bakgrundsbelyst och kan även ge visuell återkoppling, till exempel, för att indikera valda cue eller show.


The Visual Productions B-Station is a wall-mount button panel with 6 push-buttons. It can remote control any function within the CueCore. The buttons are back-lit and can provide visual feedback, for example, to indicate the selected cue or active show.

Multiple B-Stations can be networked together. The button station supports various open protocols like OSC, UDP and Art-Net. This allows it to be integrated with other 3rd party networkbased systems as well, e.g. audio, video or show control systems.

For small architectural projects, the B-Station contains an inbuilt lighting controller that is capable of programming 32 fixtures and a maximum of 768 cues. The lighting can be divided into 6 individually controlled zones. This stand-alone controller even features an FX generator for e!ects like sinus, rainbow, twinkle, random strobe, etc. All programming is done via the web-interface, no additional client software is required.
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