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LDDE LedCyc9* RGBW Led Panel
Pris exkl.27 140.00
Backlight & Effectlight Led Panel 9xRGBW power LEDs Pixel dist. 300x300mm Kraft data: Länkbar multikontakt USITT DMX512/199, ArtNet, ECueNet Dim: 700x700x75mm Vikt 10Kg
LDDE LedCyc9* Distribution
Pris exkl.32 940.00
LC-6 ArtNet 6xpower/data ut Max 14st enheter/utgång totalt 84st enheter.
Pris exkl.89 210.00
2xMatningskablar, 2xMontage ok med trigger clamp.
LDDE LedCyc9* Remote Kabel
Pris exkl.2 076.00
Pris exkl.340.00
Pris exkl.480.00
LDDE NanoPix CYC Asymmetrisk fondbelysning RGB,WW,CW
Pris exkl.34 146.00

The new NanoPix CYC from LDDE, uniform light distribution and extreme homogenity

The Nanopix CYC from LDDE is an asymmetric r-g-b-ww-cw (red, green, blue, warmwhite, coldwhite) LED-floodlight for the uniform illumination of backrounds in theatre or studio. The strengths are apparent when used as a classical horizon light as for the implementation of sophisticated lighting concepts for events and architecture. This includes a comparativeley low assembly- and setup time and an assimetrical construction form, which makes it possible to place it with a low distance from the wall or other backrounds.

The device contains 750 high quality Micro-LEDs in total. The r-g-b-ww-cw color-mixing-system allows to select color-temperatures from 2700-9000 K. The device is flicker free and therefore also suitable for HDTV. NanoPix CYC LED-FLOODLIGHTs are controlled via the integrated OLED-display and can be seamlessly connected by the power/data-plug-system.


Asymetriskt LED fonljus med 750 Pixels

Färgmix: RGB+varm & kall vit eller specialanpassad

Ljusterbar färgtemp 2700K-9000K

Justerbar PWM (flicker fri i HDTV produktion)

Signal: In/ut DMX512 (5/6/710/11), 5P-XLR, 16-bit upplösning

Kraft: In/ut 100-250VAC/50/60Hz PowerCon, El förbrukning 245W vid full effekt

Dim. lxbxh 606x334x140mm, Vikt: 10 Kg, IP20

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