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MurrayPro 3G Test Chest audio/video testgenerator

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Vad vill du veta om MurrayPro 3G Test Chest audio/video testgenerator?



Med extra allt!
Genererar, analyserar, övervakar och lyssnar. Sidopanelen "Audio-pod" är inkluderat i priset.


  • Multiformat video input för kontroll med LCD monitor.
  • VideoTestgenerator för SD,HD,3G och komposit.
  • Audiotestgenerator AES 75ohm & Embedded 48 khz
  • Högupplöst lcd monitor 800X480.
  • Vågform /Vektorskåp , Clapperboard för Video/Audio delay test.
  • Ljudbox för AES ljud balanserat och obalanserat in/ut.
  • Analog ljud Stereo in/ut balanserat. Inbyggda stereo högtalare.
  • Inbyggd kabel testare. Kan avgöra avbrott kortslutning m.m


Generate, Analyse View & Listen

3G-HD, 1.4-HD, SD-SDI & CVBS
Embedded, AES, Balanced analogue Stereo Audio

Designed to satisfy the requirements of an Engineer's go-anywhere Tool, our button free Test Chest 3G uses the very latest 3G silicon available. Precision, 10bit Test Signal generation is standard on Test Test 3G, as is the virtually instantaneous Video & Audio analysis displayed on it's superb high resolution Monitor screen.

For protection during transport, the Test Chest 3G is supplied in a customised ABS Carry-case; whilst in service, a tough extruded alloy housing protects the Unit against life's everyday knocks and bumps.

With our unique Which-Wire? detector's operation extended to 3G format, the portable Test Chest automatically awakes from slumber when any video signal is applied to it's IP BNC port. The 800x480 pixel high res LCD screen displays the video image from any TV format, with a banner strip declaring the detected standard in less than one second! Audio is powerfully supportedas well, with the stereo speakers bursting into action when embedded audio is present.

Test Chest 3G is configured via an intuitive touch-screen Menu. With virtually instant configuration of the required mode by a light "tap" of a finger tip, the Menu changes providing you with the next field of context-sensitive options. There are NO unlabeled "configurable hot-keys" here, just incredibly fast, intuitive configuration and operation.

...The Show must go on!


The Test 3G's Generation Logic and the Monitoring Logic have the very powerful ability of being able to function independently. This means, for example, that it is entirely possible to generate a Test signal with embedded audio in 3G format, whilst simultaneously examining a Composite video input on the LCD monitor, and monitoring balanced analogue stereo on the twin speakers! How versatile is that?


Just plug your unknown source into the "Which-Wire?" (WW?) input BNC and the Test Chest 3G awakens, showing you the TV picture (with sound) and the detected standard banner. That's it, all done, hands free, in less than one second!

When the input video is removed the Test Chest 3G automatically RESUMES hibernation, conserving battery power, awaiting it's next stimulation.

NO buttons to press, or forget to turn off.....what could possibly be quicker or easier?



Test Chest 3G incorporates an oscilloscope feature too, with a very practical 25Hz ~ 10MHz frequency response. The Scope IP uses a dedicated BNC input port for it's 1M ohm and 20pF high impedance input, which fully supports the use of a switchable X1/X10 low capacitance scope probe if required. A neat trick offered by the Test Chest 3G is the ability to listen to an audio signal presented to this scope IP, enabling the Unit to be used as a very high impedance audio signal tracer.


Test Chest 3G is extremely fast to use when generating signals. Using new-generation Logic configured via the LCD Touch Screen, rather than the much slower process of configuration via an on-board computer, Test Chest 3G generates Test Signals or performs Measurements for you on any Standard, 3G-HD, 1.4G-HD, SD or CVBS, immediately following the entry of your command, wow!

Test Chest 3G generates a wealth of Industry standard video signals, each with 10 bit precision, in 3G-HD, 1.4-HD or SD. A continuously moving puck may be added to any of the test signals generated, to catch downstream MPEG motion artifacts and Synchroniser freezes. A circle of 16:9 or 12:9 format may be inserted, confirming the aspect ratio of the following Programme material or for checking local Monitors. For all those "down the line" applications, a local User-programmed Alpha-Numeric Ident may be overlaid too, providing a unique source identification that is easily field modified. On 50i & 60i SD standards, a high quality 625 or 525 Composite Video output is available simultaneously too.



Monitoring of both digital and Composite analogue video input signals embrace the Industry standard Vector display and H & V Waveform modes, whilst YRGB, RGB, or YCrCb sequenced Parades are crisply presented.


The ultra-flexible Test Chest 3G satisfies your immediate day-to-day Operational audio requirements, covering Embedded audio, AES streams, and Balanced analogue Stereo as well. These Audio Ports are most easily accessed via the versatile AUDIO-POD interface which mates with the audio D25 I/O on the side of the main Unit, latching firmly home for complete security. Test Chest 3G furnishes simultaneous AES and balanced Analogue Stereo streams too if required. The internal test generator, or menu selected external signals are effortlessly routed for embedding onto the output video stream, whilst signal streams to the AES and analogue OP ports (together with selective enabling or disabling of embedded Ch1-4, on Groups 1-4 as may be desired), provide a highly flexible audio feature set.

Catering too for your other Operational requirements, Stereo audio level measurement is standard on the Test Chest 3G, in both the digital and balanced analogue domain. A fast acting audio histogram is provided for "real time" peak audio level measurement, and offers selectable BBC PPM, Nordic and Digital scales. An alternative VU scale with associated ballistics, and a choice of 2 Reference Levels, are menu selectable too. Test Chest 3G accepts 48/96/192KHz 75 ohm AES IP directly, and will generate a110 ohm balanced AES OP stream. The optional Audio POD shown above provides a highly intuitive and robust XLR interface for every day requirements. This uniquely contains a very handy bi-directional 75:110 ohm matching transformer too, so that every AES interface requirement is covered! Display of analogue audio envelopes and monaural loudspeaker monitoring, is possible using the Scope feature.

Test Chest 3G provides convenient monitoring of stereo sources on dual loudspeakers. Jacking into the side mounted 3.5mm socket with a pair of 30 ohm headphones will provide automatic LS muting and a quality of audio monitoring that is not possible using the modest front panel mounted loudspeakers. At no time is the headphone output ever used for any other purpose; after all, the Test Chest 3G provides purpose built balanced analogue I/O ports specifically for that service!


Clapper Board, Murraypro's unique Video/Audio delay test tool, allowing an error resolution as low as one TV frame, is included too.


(Diagramatic representation, for clarity)

One of the bains of long distance digital signal transport is the distinct possibility of the audio stream suffering a lower transit delay than that of the video stream, due to reduced en-route processing. The inevitable result of this is the distinct possibility of "Lip sync" timing errors that are observable on the Programme. Test Chest's "Clapper Board" signal generated, and inserted at the distant origination point, is designed to offer an immediate visual indication of the presence of A/V delay errors at the destination. No down-stream equipment requirement more demanding than the presence of a functional picture Monitor and a Loudspeaker is required. At the source, a travelling puck is generated, and at Graticule "Time point Zero" on the screen, a simultaneous audio click and screen bright-up are produced too; this sequence is repeated continuously. At the destination an observer is rapidly able to produce an empirical, but impressively accurate assessment of delay errors, due to the repetitive nature of the presentation.


The Test Chest 3G is configured by means of the LCD's touch screen, and if hibernating, the Unit will awaken instantly upon a touch, displaying the Menu Home Page. Test Chest 3G retains it's last test configuration in non-volatile memory so that the previous Test set up, for example, is instantly reproduced at power on. From this point on, navigation to a revised configuration is both speedy and intuitive.

16:9/4:3 ASPECT

The 800x480 high resolution LCD monitor has automatic processing which ensures that 1920, 1280, 720 and 702 pixel 16:9 sources are correctly displayed and scaled to fit the bright 5" screen. There's a Menu setting too, correctly scaling 4:3 images when required, which is our only non-automatic display mode!


The 29 pin Dual-Link DVI port provides simultaneous Digital & Analogue outputs, enabling the use of virtually any external PC monitor display.


The Test Chest 3G, provides a ready comparison of coaxial cable lengths against a preset Reference length. To calibrate this feature, simply loop the chosen length of your Reference cable type between the SDI OP BNC and the WW? input, and tap "SDI CAL".  That's it! Longer cables will indicate as "long" on the LCD, whilst shorter cables flag up "short". When shipped, the Test Chest 3G is preset for 100M of 'Belden 1694 with SD-SDI. CAUTION: please be aware that some  "Cable Clones" do not accurately simulate a nominated cable type, especially at 3G frequencies, and different results are likely with a length of real cable! The Test Chest 3G uses only high precision 75 ohm 'in-line' BNC connectors which are specifically rated for operation at 3G frequencies, nothing else will do.


Faults on coaxial cables up to 500M can be speedily resolved using the integral TDR pulse and display. The 30nS pulse enables open/short circuits & iterative impedance problems to be instantly identified, and their distance down the cable to be determined. The left image below clearly shows the disastrous effect of a short 1 meter stub at the end of 100M of cable.

tdr-bad    tdr-good

Iterative impedance error (Left image) || Correctly terminated (Right image)

Consider this, no more tedious re-terminating what may well turn out to be the wrong end of a cable, "just in case" ...What a time saver!


The popular integral LED flashlight introduced earlier in our Test Chest SD Unit has been retained. The new Test Chest 3G continues to support this feature which has been much appreciated by all those Users who have experience of those dark corners that seem to be a feature of all Installations.


Test Chest 3G is supplied packed in an extremely strong ABS carrying case that has been customised with precision cut high density foam to provide the maximum protection. An additional foam cutout (behind the hinged flap secured by a Velcro tab) is provided in the lid compartment to accommodate the optional Audio POD. This in-fill plug is supplied in position in the lid when the POD is not supplied as original equipment, but it is easily removed and the void may be used for generic test cables, or even to keep your sandwiches safe and secure!

case1 case2

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